Snake is #1 on Spanish World bucket list

There are many amazing sights in the Spanish speaking world. This one is in the top five on my Spanish bucket list.

Timing is key as you have to time your visit just right as it only happens twice a year.

Tomorrow is one of two chances you get each year to witness this amazing event.

If you […]

Spanish Googly Dangers

¡Ojo! – watch out!

The Spanish googly is everywhere in Spanish.

How fast is Spanish?

The test results are in and the answer of how much faster Spanish is than English is surprising…

Spanish Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen

Spanish can be like a line from the Boss’s song, Glory Days.

“He could throw that speedball by you make you look like a fool boy.”

By the way, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when people speak Spanish quickly check this out:

How to Understand More Spanish

Available until Tuesday, March 5.


Never do this with Spanish speakers

There are two Spanish traps to avoid.

The first is downright dangerous in Mexico.

The second could be embarrassing anywhere in the Spanish speaking world.

Spanish for a Young Healthy and Strong Mind

This is a sample episode from the Spanish Life Adventures section of Fearless Fluency Conversations.

There are also series on Health and Fitness, Spanish Friendship for both men and women, Love and Marriage, Traveling the Spanish World, and Your best Spanish Year ever.

Each adventure has between 7 and 16 conversational lessons. They open […]

64 Spanish Comprehension Killers

Here’s a dictionary with some of the most deceptive expressions in Spanish. It’s an extension of the original “Spanish Beyond the Dictionary” dictionary, which is available on the last link in this email.

Click here to Get Spanish Beyond the Dictionary Volume Two

It’s a dictionary of Spanish words and expressions I call Comprehension […]

How to understand fast Spanish

Have you ever been overwhelmed frustrated and discouraged when people speak Spanish faster than you can keep up? 
What can you do?  
Find out on this page:

How to understand fast Spanish

Spanish words can roll together, because so many […]

Kissing Frogs for Spanish

I’ve kissed a lot of frogs for my Spanish

Like the princess kissing frogs in the fairytale, I tried a lot of things to keep up with the pace of Spanish.

I was desperate to fit in to the Spanish speaking world.

I would have tried anything.


By the way, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when people speak Spanish […]

Fatal Spanish

Spanish can be fatal.

But not necessarily deadly.


By the way, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when people speak Spanish quickly check this out:

How to understand fast Spanish

Available until Friday Dec, 14.


In Spanish, these phrases are common.

La comida está fatal

María canta fatal

Me siento fatal

Fortunately, if someone says “la comida está […]

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