Easy Spanish Patterns for English Speakers Part 1

2022-04-30T01:42:30+00:00April 30th, 2022|

Some Spanish structures are almost impossible to use when you are starting out.

They are too unnatural to speak with any freedom when you are in the early days of learning.

Traditional methods often start with those most difficult structures.

That’s a problem because you feel lost and overwhelmed. They suck all the joy […]

Easy-Peasy Spanish fruits…part 2

2022-04-21T08:58:42+00:00April 21st, 2022|

This is the second free lessons in the short 3-part series on Spanish fruits.

You can start speaking about fruits right away with Instant Spanish Words like these.

  1. Una ensalada de frutas
  2. El lichi
  3. La pera
  4. El kiwi
  5. Las frutas tropicales
  6. El mango
  7. Preparar
  1. A fruit salad
  2. The lychee
  3. The pear
  4. The kiwi
  5. The tropical fruits
  6. The mango
  7. To prepare

If you missed lesson one, it’s here:

Speaking […]