Here’s a Simple and Uncomplicated Path to Speaking Spanish.

Textbooks usually make Spanish intimidating. It’s time to make things simple and uncomplicated.


Complication and complexity are barriers to learning. Strip them away and it becomes possible for anyone to succeed with Spanish.

Here’s a different path to speaking Spanish that works for all ages, even for people in their 70s and beyond.


Short courses

28 DAY – FIND YOUR SPANISH VOICE CHALLENGE – If you’ve got 10 minutes a day, you too can speak Spanish with more freedom and confidence.

SPANISH FOR DATE NIGHT – How to Speak Spanish with the Special Person in Your Life.

HOW TO GO FROM FAILURE TO SUCCESS IN SPANISH – Easy language patterns make speaking Spanish easy for anyone at any age.


Foundation courses for getting by in Spanish in the shortest time possible

SHORTCUT TO SPANISH – Jumpstarts your Spanish with 3,145 Instant Spanish Words.

SYNERGY SPANISH – Get by in Spanish with 138 words that give you more than 80,000 Spanish Phrases.

MASTER KEYS TO SPANISH – 8 easy language keys unlock flowing Spanish for anyone at any age.

SPANISH GENIUS – Easy Way to Start Spanish Conversations and Keep Them Flowing.


Expansion courses

THE CONVERSATION ACCELERATOR – Speak freely with your amigos, neighbors, and people you meet in daily life… in as little as 10 minutes per day.

SYNERGY SPANISH 8X – Speak 8 times the Spanish by just adding the next 138 words.


Intermediate courses for building fluency

BOLA DE NIEVE – A comprehensive fluency system to speak more Spanish every day.

SHORTCUT TO SPANISH LEVEL 2 – 30 Days to NEW conversations with 579 instant Spanish words and patterns.


Advanced course for building Extra fluency and command of the Spanish language

SPANISH EAR TRAINING – Tunes your ear for Spanish.

ADVANCED CONCEPTS INTENSIVE – Step-by-step system that makes advanced Spanish simple.

You’ll take your Spanish to higher levels as you learn to move between different past tenses giving you greater levels of fluency, confidence and expressiveness in the language.

You’ll also add the most common idioms, expressions and everyday figures of speech to your Spanish repertoire giving your Spanish a real world authenticity.