Easy Spanish Patterns for English Speakers Part 1

Some Spanish structures are almost impossible to use when you are starting out. They are too unnatural to speak with any freedom when you are in the early days of learning. Traditional methods often start with those most difficult structures. That’s a problem because you feel lost and overwhelmed. They suck all the joy out [...]

Easy-Peasy Spanish fruits…part 2

This is the second free lessons in the short 3-part series on Spanish fruits. You can start speaking about fruits right away with Instant Spanish Words like these. Una ensalada de frutas El lichi La pera El kiwi Las frutas tropicales El mango Preparar A fruit salad The lychee The pear The kiwi The tropical [...]

Spanish about fruits…easy-peasy

Spanish has many names for fruits that are like English. They make it easy to start speaking about fruits right away. The Instant Spanish words give you a head start. In no "me you can speak Spanish like this. Voy a preparar una ensalada de frutas con lichi, pera y kiwi. También con melón, mandarina [...]

Speak Spanish with feelings

Spanish is a great language for expressing your emotions. it's vibrant alive and passionate, just like its people. even better, Spanish gives you a head start. So many Spanish words are like English words. Can you recognise these Spanish words? nervioso tranquilo ansioso contento Here are the answers: nervioso = nervous tranquilo = calm or [...]

Shortcut to Spanish Mindset – Free video #3

Below is the 3rd and final video in the free “Shortcut to Spanish Mindset” series. If you missed video 1 it’s here: Shortcut to Spanish Mindset - video #1 And the second in the series is here: Shortcut to Spanish Mindset - video #2 This brings all the pieces together in flowing sentences about your [...]

Spanish gives you so much

It’s not only the aventuras, y experiencias that Spanish gives you. You also get a helping hand to speak this beautiful language from the language itself. Here is what I mean. El 30 por ciento del vocabulario español es similar al vocabulario inglés. 30 percent of the Spanish vocabulary is similar to English vocabulary. Speaking [...]

Your positive Spanish mindset

Here's a fun series to boost your positivity, and confidence while speaking Spanish. This episode has you speaking about your outlook on life. It's the first of a free 3-part series that has Spanish positiveness flowing from your mouth. That's because of the Spanish words that you can recognize and speak right away. Are you… [...]

How to find your Spanish voice – episode 3

Here is the final video in the series. This series uses lots of Spanish words that are like English words. that way speaking always feels familiar and comfortable. The episodes build on each other. That way you can say a lot more without ever feeling lost or overwhelmed. And as you finish the series you’ll [...]

How to find your Spanish voice – Episode 2

On this page is el segundo video (the second video) in the "28-Day Challenge Style" Spanish series. It follows on directly from video numero uno. Free Video: How to Find Your Spanish Voice Episode #1 If you want a PhD in Spanish grammar, this series might not be for you. This series is about discovering [...]

List of Instant Spanish Words About Exercise

Did you know that almost a third of Spanish words have the same roots as English words? They can give you a flying start to Speaking Spanish. All you need are some simple language patterns that English speakers can use right away. Then the Spanish can really flow. Here’s a list of 87 Spanish words [...]

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Monica Rainville-Baton
Monica Rainville-Baton
2 months ago
  • I purchased Synergy Spanish – Bola De Nieve about 10 yrs. ago and I loved it, it was great. I somehow got away from my Spanish lessons, but I’m back again. My problem is that neither my ID or Password seem to work, and when I requested the info and entered it, this is what I get “TypeError: Failed to fetch”. Even when I request to reset my password, I get the same message, so I can’t make a new one either.
8 months ago

My name is Edmundo Ortega, I would like more about your offer for “Small Talk”, Is that a complete course or is just the start for being more familiar with the language?

Serra Nicole
Serra Nicole
1 year ago

I purchased Synergy Spanish back in 2005-6, before you offered the online options you do now. It got me through my Spanish Class as Top of the Class. I was even able to order breakfast from McDonalds, and after having been in line listening to the Spanish guys working there talk about those of us in-line whom they thought couldn’t understand what they were saying, when I got to the counter, and my Lilly-white self began ordering in Spanish, the workers faces grew pale. They then realized that I knew everything that they had been saying while I waited in line to order my breakfast. LOL, I guess they won’t be talking smack about us white people in the breakfast line anytime soon!
Anyway, I just wanted to say what an awesome system you have here, and I wish everyone taught it like you do. A gain, thanks. SK in VA.