Free Video: Lighter than Air Spanish #3

On this post I have for you the third free video in the Lighter than Air Spanish series.

In this series theory is light, speaking the language for real life is the primary purpose.

If you want Spanish for travel, adventure and connection, give these free lessons a whirl.

Approach them with a sense of fun.

They won’t weigh […]

Free Spanish Video #3: 3 Grandmothers and zero Grandfathers

The lesson is dedicated to my 3 grandmothers.

That’s how I grew up with 3 grandmothers and no grandfathers.  I even had two grandmothers living in the same house.

My great grandmother lived to 96 years of age.  She spent her last years living with her daughter, so I had two grandmothers in one house.

She’s my role […]

Grandparent’s Day Spanish Video #2

In this post, I have your second video of the 3-part series, Grandparent’s Day Spanish.

I’m glowing a little (a lot) from the positive comments on the blog from video #1.

You can find the first video on this blog post:

Grandparent’s Day Spanish Video 1

I particularly enjoyed this comment from Shona.

I am lucky enough to […]

Grandparents Day Spanish

Spain just celebrated Grandparents day in July and Mexico celebrates it this month.

There’s an old proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child”. And perhaps the unsung heroes of child raising are the grandparents. This lesson is dedicated to them and their special day.

Your Fearless Fluency questions answered

Two things you should know.


You can learn more about the Fearless Fluency by clicking the link below:

Fearless Fluency – 8 Master Key to open up the Spanish world


I’ve been answering the most frequent questions (FAQ) about Fearless Fluency for you below.

Will there be an app for Fearless Fluency?


We are close on the […]

Can you be fluent in Spanish?

The word “fluency” means different things to different people.

For some, fluency is a goal they expect to achieve soon. Others feel it’s the Holy Grail. Yet for many, it seems like an impossible dream.

The Merriam Webster dictionary’s definition, fluency is something anyone can achieve.

The ability to speak easily and smoothly; especially […]

Spanish Sequencing Secret

There’s magic in a sequence.

If you are like me, you probably learned to crawl, then walk, then run.

That’s how you learned to read. First the alphabet, then words, then phrases, and then entire books.

I am using it to become a gymnast in my 50’s. It holds the key to great things including freedom with Spanish […]

The life-changing magic of Spanish

There’s a book taking the world by storm. The same power behind this book can create life-changing magic for your Spanish.

The book is “the life-changing magic of tidying up”. It’s by Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo.

It has 13,057 reviews on Amazon, the majority 5 stars.

It promised to transform my home into a permanently clear and […]

Your Spanish Castle Magic

I’ve been thinking about the magic of Spanish Fluency and it reminded me of a song you might know. Especially if you are a baby-boomer like me.

I wonder if you know Spanish Castle Magic.

It’s by my favorite artist. He’s famous for his virtuosic guitar playing.

My son likes him too, but not as much as “Los […]

1-2 Spanish knockout punch

There are two distinct “pillars” to speaking Spanish freely.

Individually, these pillars have great impact on your ability to speak conversational Spanish.

Together, they take you to the rare air of those who enjoy the highest levels of freedom in Spanish.

Pillar 1 is the fastest way for English speakers to speak Spanish.

This pillar takes advantage of Spanish […]

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