Synergy Spanish on Steroids

Synergy Spanish gives you 138 critical words to get by in Spanish:

As you know, this unique approach is the secret to quickly and easily forming sentences you can use in the real world immediately.

But this is only the beginning.

Here’s how to speak 8 times as much Spanish with just 138 additional words…

Rewiring your brain for Spanish part 2

I’ve just released the second “rewiring your Brain for Spanish” video. Like the first video, it shows you how to say more with the Spanish you already know.

The science of speaking Spanish

Yesterday I sent you a video that had you saying more with the Spanish you already know in only 10 minutes. If you missed it, it’s on the link below:

Why Is Spanish So Much Like English?

One of the best ways to boost your Spanish-speaking skills is to find the words that it shares with the English language.

Have you ever noticed that certain words, like ‘influencia’ (influence) are extremely similar but just pronounced and spelled slightly different?

The #1 Tip For Speaking Spanish Fast

The #1 Tip For Speaking Spanish FastLearning another language is exciting, but when you sit down with a typical textbook and try to speak the language

That’s a whole different story.

Rewiring your brain for Spanish

I’ve crafted a brand-new video for you. It shows you how to say more with the Spanish you already know.

It’s styled on my new Synergy Spanish 8x course and is a perfect addition to the language patterns in Synergy Spanish.

This video rewires your brain for Spanish. It simply flips a structure you use every day in English into Spanish.

The “rewire” switch to Spanish is almost instant.

Essential Spanish expressions

Do you know these Spanish 5 common Spanish words and expressions?

de vez en cuando

muy a menudo




This video makes those words and expressions part of your conversational Spanish repertoire. […]

Say what you love in Spanish

Today I’ll give you a handy expression that will allow you to praise Spanish speakers about their country, food, and culture.

Plus I’ll show you how to multiply what you can say with a little twist. […]

Spanish Retirement Euphoria

In Spanish the word for “retirement” looks like an English word just not the one you were expecting.

The word for retirement is jubilación.

But it doesn’t mean jubilation.

Or does it? […]

Speak Father’s Day Spanish

I’ve got for you a special Father’s Day speak to learn Spanish video.

On this lesson you’ll speak all about Father’s Day.

You’ll also chat about seeing your father, children, grandchildren and family.

We’ll talk about love in an authentic and natural way. […]

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