The life-changing magic of Spanish

There’s a book taking the world by storm. The same power behind this book can create life-changing magic for your Spanish.

The book is “the life-changing magic of tidying up”. It’s by Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo.

It has 13,057 reviews on Amazon, the majority 5 stars.

It promised to transform my home into a permanently clear and […]

Your Spanish Castle Magic

I’ve been thinking about the magic of Spanish Fluency and it reminded me of a song you might know. Especially if you are a baby-boomer like me.

I wonder if you know Spanish Castle Magic.

It’s by my favorite artist. He’s famous for his virtuosic guitar playing.

My son likes him too, but not as much as “Los […]

1-2 Spanish knockout punch

There are two distinct “pillars” to speaking Spanish freely.

Individually, these pillars have great impact on your ability to speak conversational Spanish.

Together, they take you to the rare air of those who enjoy the highest levels of freedom in Spanish.

Pillar 1 is the fastest way for English speakers to speak Spanish.

This pillar takes advantage of Spanish […]

All-New Master Keys to Spanish

“8 Master Keys” is all it takes to unlock a whole new world of Spanish for you.

This breakthrough system is a perfect way for you to speak with more freedom and a renewed energy and love of Spanish.

All-New Master Keys to Spanish

It strips away every ounce of complexity from daunting Spanish verbs.

What […]

The diet for speaking Spanish

I recently went on una dieta.

It’s not a weight loss diet and it doesn’t involve food.

Yet, the impact has been life changing.

I guarantee a similar plan will transform your Spanish.

Let me tell you about the diet and what I’ve done. Then, we’ll look at how you can use the same system to become conversational with […]

I can’t die without sharing this

For 5 years, I had been sitting on a profound idea.

I knew it would be a language game changer for many people especially baby boomers. However, I just couldn’t get all the pieces to fit.

The idea wallowed around in my subconscious and buried in my notebooks.

One day, I was listening to a podcast. No, I […]

Free Video: Lighter than Air Spanish #2

On this post I have for you el segundo video (the second video) in the “Lighter ThanAir” Spanish series.

It follows on directly from video numero uno.

Lighter than air Spanish #1

If you want a PhD in Spanish grammar, this series might not be for you.

However, if you want to speak Spanish for fun, travel, and adventure, give these free lessons a whirl.

If you live […]

Cat got your Spanish tongue

If someone stays silent when they should speak in English, we might ask “Has the cat got your tongue?”

The Spanish version is not only painful but also disgusting.

¿Te comieron la lengua los ratones?”

Did they eat your tongue the rats?

!Ay! (Ouch!)

The English gato (cat) gets your tongue and the Spanish ratones (rats) eat it.

Gato (cat) also […]

Lighter than air Spanish

I recently read about a success principle that’s important to your Spanish.

Did you know the space shuttle burns through most of its fuel in the first minutes of flight? Once it breaks out of the earth’s gravitational pull, it can simply glide in orbit.

The book I read stated you need to work really hard in […]

A surefire Spanish conversation starter

Normal topics for enjoyable conversations with native Spanish speakers are as follows:




This month everything is different, there is only one subject. It trumps anything else.

Yes, it’s La Copa Mundial (The World Cup).

Hands down, it’s the liveliest conversation topic among Spanish speakers for the next 30 days.

Here are some important facts you need to know about this event.

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