It’s thrilling when you discover your natural ability to speak Spanish.

Some people don’t realize they have a natural ability.

You see, most textbooks teach you the theory of Spanish but not how to speak it.

You study por vs para, masculine and feminine noun adjective agreement, and indirect object pronouns vs direct object pronouns

It’s very academic and hard to put into practice in real life.

The different pieces don’t connect.

Yet, the language patterns in this series are easy for English speakers to use right away

They are comfortable and familiar.

You can use them in real life.

And best of all the patterns connect to each other. That means your Spanish grows with each lesson.

You find your Spanish voice.

The language falls into place and you say more each day.

It feels natural.

It’s satisfying, rewarding and gives you a sense of confidence.

Try out this easy approach with your first free episode below: