Kissing Frogs for Spanish

I’ve kissed a lot of frogs for my Spanish

Like the princess kissing frogs in the fairytale, I tried a lot of things to keep up with the pace of Spanish.

I was desperate to fit in to the Spanish speaking world.

I would have tried anything.


By the way, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when people speak Spanish […]

Fatal Spanish

Spanish can be fatal.

But not necessarily deadly.


By the way, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when people speak Spanish quickly check this out:

How to understand fast Spanish

Available until Friday Dec, 14.


In Spanish, these phrases are common.

La comida está fatal

María canta fatal

Me siento fatal

Fortunately, if someone says “la comida está […]

Your Most Glorious Spanish Day is Coming

For a long time, I never thought this day would come.

It seemed like a dream.

A bridge too far.

But, it happened.

I made it… You can too!

I’ll never forget the day.

I was driving around San Diego, California.

The weirdest thing was I didn’t even notice what I was doing, at […]

Minimalist Spanish breakthrough

I don’t love everything Spanish.

I love the food. I love the people. I don’t hate bullfighting even though I feel like I should.

And I don’t get Pablo Picasso’s art.

I wish I did.

But it just doesn’t move me.

Maybe I’ll grow into it.

But I owe Pablo big time.



The special offer on Fearless Fluency closes October 3.

The […]

Your extraordinary Spanish zone

There is an optimal zone for learning Spanish. It makes you happy and excited while you achieve extraordinary results.

The best thing is anyone at any age can achieve this zone on a regular basis.



This special offer for my Synergy Spanish students is only available until October 3:

Special offer for Synergy Spanish Students.


The […]

Free Video: Lighter than Air Spanish #3

On this post I have for you the third free video in the Lighter than Air Spanish series.

In this series theory is light, speaking the language for real life is the primary purpose.

If you want Spanish for travel, adventure and connection, give these free lessons a whirl.

Approach them with a sense of fun.

They won’t weigh […]

Free Spanish Video #3: 3 Grandmothers and zero Grandfathers

The lesson is dedicated to my 3 grandmothers.

That’s how I grew up with 3 grandmothers and no grandfathers.  I even had two grandmothers living in the same house.

My great grandmother lived to 96 years of age.  She spent her last years living with her daughter, so I had two grandmothers in one house.

She’s my role […]

Grandparent’s Day Spanish Video #2

In this post, I have your second video of the 3-part series, Grandparent’s Day Spanish.

I’m glowing a little (a lot) from the positive comments on the blog from video #1.

You can find the first video on this blog post:

Grandparent’s Day Spanish Video 1

I particularly enjoyed this comment from Shona.

I am lucky […]

Grandparents Day Spanish

Spain just celebrated Grandparents day in July and Mexico celebrates it this month.

There’s an old proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child”. And perhaps the unsung heroes of child raising are the grandparents. This lesson is dedicated to them and their special day.

Your Fearless Fluency questions answered

Two things you should know.


You can learn more about the Fearless Fluency by clicking the link below:

Fearless Fluency – 8 Master Key to open up the Spanish world


I’ve been answering the most frequent questions (FAQ) about Fearless Fluency for you below.

Will there be an app for Fearless Fluency?


We are close on the […]

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