These audio lessons show you how to participate in informal Spanish conversation. I created them so you can take all the concepts you learned from Shortcut to Spanish and use it in casual dialogues. You learn to use many of the 31 categories of Instant Spanish Words that build a 3145 vocabulary and apply them in intimate conversation.

Ideally you will have completed that course to get the most out of these lessons. However, you can still enjoy these audio lessons if you have done the free lessons that I sent you from Shortcut to Spanish.

Sometimes I think informal Spanish is a misnomer. You see, formal Spanish isn´t really formal, it´s more like, respectful Spanish.

So, when should you use it?

It depends!

It depends on the person and place.

Here´s an easy rule of thumb for when to use the formal/respectful Spanish.

If they speak to you formally, do the same.

Also, it´s almost always a good idea to use formal Spanish for business and when you meet someone for the first time.

In the same way, informal Spanish is also a misnomer.

Perhaps, a better name for informal Spanish would be intimate Spanish. It´s good for speaking with close friends, children or in relaxed and casual social situations. These lessons will show you how to conduct the conversations.

Informal Spanish Conversation 1 – Basic Introductions

Informal Spanish Conversation 2 – Phrases And Easy Sentences

Informal Spanish Conversation 3 – Speaking In Longer Spanish Sentences