This technique from the chess grandmasters helps anyone at any age speak with Spanish verbs confidently and freely.

You might have seen a chess grandmaster play against 10 or even 30 other players all at the same time.


How do they hold so much information about all the chessboards in their heads at the same time?

Well even though those guys are amazing, it turns out they don’t try to process everything on all those boards at the same time.

In fact, what they do is narrow the board to only the squares that matter in each game.

Likewise, with Spanish verbs you don’t need to memorize everything at once.

Verb charts overwhelm with all the tenses, all the irregular patterns and every single conjugation.

That’s LOCO.


It’s too much.

Instead all you do is narrow the board.

You only need to focus on one single pattern at a time.

Anyone at any age can start speaking with one pattern.

All the overwhelm disappears.

Suddenly Spanish feels natural and easy.

You feel more at home.

Check out this video and discover how anyone at any age can speak with Spanish verbs confidently and freely.

Chess Grandmaster Secrets for Spanish Confidence