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I discovered something in January 2014 that changed my life for the better forever.

It can transform your Spanish and even your life.

Here’s what happened for me last year.

I lost 11kg (24 pounds). I went from pudgy back to my fighting weight of 20 years ago.

I shaved a minute and 11 seconds off my personal best. There’s a forest near my house with a long steep hill and 256 steps. I went from a personal best of 5:56 in 2013 to 4:45.

I’m pushing 55 yet leave many a 25-year-old in my wake gasping for air.

I wake with as much energy, enthusiasm and vitality as at any time in my life.

And many more things I’m too humble to say. (OK, if you insist! I look good without a shirt too.)

What was the one transformative change?

The simple idea I stumbled on was, don’t miss an important habit two days in a row.

All last year I did it with exercise and nutrition. Now I am in phenomenal condition.

I never miss exercise two days in a row.

If I have an indulgent day, the next day I eat healthy. I never miss my healthy diet two days in a row.

I also do it with alcohol.

If I have a drink, the next day I don’t. That way, I still enjoy a steak and red wine, but not every day.

The “never miss twice” idea changed my life.

I’m pushing 50 and I’ve never felt more alive.

I’ll live longer and live fuller.

Plus, I’m energized and excited about 2021.

What about you?

Are you excited by what you’ll do, be and have in 2021?

Life is amazing.

Don’t miss a Spanish speak-to-learn video two days in a row and you’ll enjoy all the doors speaking Spanish opens for you.

Transform your Spanish and your life.

If you dedicate just 10–20 minutes a day to the speak-to-learn system and “never miss twice,” you can become a Spanish speaker.

It’s as simple as that.

Nothing can stop you.

It doesn’t matter if you struggled in the past, if you hate textbooks, or maybe you’re growing a little grey like me. Age doesn’t matter.

It wasn’t long ago a student let me know on my blog, “I am 84 years of age and find it unbelievable that you have made it so easy.”

Here’s a step-by-step system to get you there with the most amazing offer ever.

Transform your Spanish and your life.