Three Magical Spanish Kings Want to Give You The Gift of Speaking Confident Spanish This Year

Three Magical Kings Spanish Special Offer

By starting with the Spanish that English speakers pick up right away… the language falls into place.

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Three Magical Kings Spanish Special Offer

An important occasion in the Spanish speaking world is January 6.

It’s a gift giving day equal to Christmas.

It’s is the twelve day of Christmas…this is considered as the day when the three wise men reached Bethlehem and gave their gifts to the baby Jesus.

In the Spanish speaking world this occasion is also celebrated by giving gifts.

If you like gifts, the Spanish world is a great place to be.

The three wise men in Spanish are called as “los tres reyes magos” which literally means – the three magical kings.

Children in the English-speaking world often write a letter to Santa. In the Spanish speaking world, it’s common for kids to write a note to the three magical kings.

Often on the eve of January 6th, kids tie a note to a helium filled balloon.

They let it go and watch it rise through the air up to the three wise men, which in this tradition are the three stars in the big dipper.

When they wake up in the morning, gifts appear in or next to their shoes.

Cultural differences like these are part of the magic in visiting or living in a Spanish speaking country.

Instead of the same-old traditions and habits you’ve lived with all your life…now you’re surrounded with a fresh new take on life.

Everything is different.

Instead of sleep walking through life, you’re transported to a magical new world where you’re young again alongside Peter Pan and all your new friends.

Life becomes thrilling again.

Why not make this magic a part of your life?

All it takes is a little daily effort. Over the course of a year you’ll make huge strides in this beautiful language.

That’s a very wise thing to do.

I can’t think of a better day to jump in than this day of los tres Reyes Magos (the three Wise Men).

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