80-year-old gives first Spanish speech

One of my favorite emails came from an 80-year-old student. He made a wedding speech entirely in Spanish.

He didn’t let false age barriers stop him.

His emotionally charged speech had the guests in tears.

Has anyone told you that you are too old for Spanish?

Don’t pay any attention to them, even if it’s your own voice. Instead model these people who are already enjoying Spanish in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and yes, even 90’s.

Here’s what some have to say:

Why fight your brain for Spanish?

I just finished Part 3 of “Rewiring Your Brain for Spanish”. The video is at the bottom of this blog post.

It shows you an easy pattern from Synergy Spanish 8x to expand your Spanish repertoire.

Like the patterns you learned in videos 1 and 2, it’s simple to flip a structure you already use every day in English into Spanish.

Your innate ability to speak Spanish

“To thrill my students with the discovery of their innate ability to communicate in Spanish.”

That’s the mission of Synergy Spanish.

Sometimes, students don’t believe they have innate ability to speak Spanish.

But they do.

If you’re not speaking Spanish yet, this cartoon will give you a big hint about how to change things.

Speaking Spanish intimidates crooked police

On this post, I told you about the time I bribed a Tijuana policeman.

For the next 48 hours, I have an exciting bribe to get you started speaking Spanish.

Here’s how you can save 60 percent with this special International Friendship Day package.

Speak 8 times more Spanish

What if there was a way for you to quickly and easily speak 8 times the Spanish?

And what if you could start enjoying this extra fluency in as little as 10 minutes a day?

10 minutes a day = Spanish freedom

Do you want to speak more Spanish with your amigos, neighbors, and people you meet in daily life?

And do it in as little as just 10 minutes a day!

Spanish fluency puzzle solved

Did you know while I was living in a Spanish speaking country, I struggled for years not being able to carry on even a basic conversation.

The system I discovered and now share with you in Synergy Spanish was the biggest breakthrough of my Spanish life.

Synergy Spanish gives you 138 Synergy verbs, Brick Verbs and Mortar Words.

You will not find anything else out there like this today…

Until now!

Synergy Spanish on Steroids

Synergy Spanish gives you 138 critical words to get by in Spanish:

As you know, this unique approach is the secret to quickly and easily forming sentences you can use in the real world immediately.

But this is only the beginning.

Here’s how to speak 8 times as much Spanish with just 138 additional words…

Rewiring your brain for Spanish part 2

I’ve just released the second “rewiring your Brain for Spanish” video. Like the first video, it shows you how to say more with the Spanish you already know.

The science of speaking Spanish

Yesterday I sent you a video that had you saying more with the Spanish you already know in only 10 minutes. If you missed it, it’s on the link below:

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