I don’t love everything Spanish.

I love the food. I love the people. I don’t hate bullfighting even though I feel like I should.

And I don’t get Pablo Picasso’s art.

I wish I did.

But it just doesn’t move me.

Maybe I’ll grow into it.

But I owe Pablo big time.



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Master Keys to Spanish


Yes, a quote from Picasso got me off my butt.

For 5 years, I had been holding back on a Spanish breakthrough.

Until I heard this quote from Pablo.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” – Pablo Picasso

When I asked myself, “what I wasn’t willing to die having left undone”, two things smacked me in the face.

First, spending time and being fully present with my kids. Like everyone warned me “they grow up so fast:”

The second, was bringing this Spanish game changer to life.

It screamed at me.

One of the things that held me back was how unconventional the idea was.

I could hear the Facebook trolls in my head.

“There’s no pluperfect.”

“No subjunctive!”

“Where is ser vs estar?”

Yet, that’s the beauty. It frees you from rules and labels. It liberates you from having too much to take in.

Instead you have a straight line to conversations and confidence.

Simplicity and minimalism make this idea so powerful.

Maybe I could love Pablo’s art after all.  I do like his minimalist period. The beauty of minimalism is the instant clarity.

Same thing when you approach Spanish with a minimalist clear direction, it makes sense and comes to life.

It’s a ruthless stripping away of all excess. Then all that is left are elegant ways to speak with confidence.

You plug and play a handful of simple Master Keys into your Spanish and your Spanish flows.

You speak with more freedom.

From the Master Keys, you speak with new authority.

They give you brand new command over the Spanish language.

Extra energy and a growing love for the language

And here’s the super exciting part

These 8 Master Keys unlock a whole new world of Spanish.

8 Master Keys unlock a whole new world of Spanish

It’s beautiful the way it brings your Spanish to life.

It strips away every ounce of complexity from Spanish verbs.

Verbs don’t need to be un enemigo (an enemy). They are now youramigo.

What was once a barrier becomes fun and an easy way to express yourself.

It multiplies everything you learned in Synergy Spanish. It takes what you already know to brand new levels of expression, connection and even creativity.

There’s a whole new world of Spanish waiting for you and it’s only 8 steps away.

8 Master Keys unlock a whole new world of Spanish

P.S. Another thing I love about Picasso is he painted into his 90s.

Now in my 50s myself I hear a lot of messaging about slowing down.

Not for me, no way Jose.

Teaching you Spanish is my craft. Like Pablo I plan on helping you uncover your newfound Spanish skills for a long time to come.

P.P.S. This course is a perfect expansion of Synergy Spanish. Both courses complement each other so you can say much more with the Spanish you know.

8 Master Keys unlock a whole new world of Spanish