There is an optimal zone for learning Spanish. It makes you happy and excited while you achieve extraordinary results.

The best thing is anyone at any age can achieve this zone on a regular basis.



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The optimal zone is wonderful place where things happen for you easily and at a high level.

Musicians say they are “cooking”

Sportsman call it “being on fire.”

Psychologists name it “a flow state”.

Perhaps the most common name is “being in the zone”

Let’s have a look at the dictionary definition of “in the zone”.

Here is the Collins Dictionary description.

“A state that produces achievement with such an extraordinary, often unlikely, degree of success that it seems to defy purely rational explanation.”

When you’re in the zone, everything just flows.

Every piece falls into place.

This is almost the polar opposite of anxiety.

Anxiety takes over when you’re in over your head.

You’re stressed.  Your body tenses, your stomach is heavy.

It’s sweaty and uncomfortable.

Worst of all, it shuts you down

Textbooks provoke anxiety.

They overwhelm you with intimidating verb charts. The complex labels confuse you with too much information.

Yet there’s the beautiful zone available to you in Spanish.

You can have fun and enjoy yourself.

In this zone verbs sparkle with life.

Spanish flows.

It challenges you, but you can easily handle it.

Learning is fun.

Speaking is easy and carefree.

Not only do you achieve extraordinary results, but you are happy and excited.

It’s so thrilling to discover your new abilities.

Your confidence grows.

You feel energized and alive.

You are liberated from complexity and free to speak.

It’s where you want to live.

I spent months crafting Fearless Fluency to make it easy for you to get in the zone.

My aim is to remove anxiety.

To make speaking fun and enjoyable.

To challenge your skills playfully as your Spanish flows freely.

To engage you with real life Spanish you can speak with your amigos.

And as you enjoy this flow you pick up the 8 Master Keys that unlock Spanish for you.

They give you freedom and confidence to use more of the language.

You can speak Spanish in daily life and thrive in the Spanish-speaking world.

Chat in the markets, plazas and town squares.

If you are living in a Spanish speaking country, you’ll get to know your neighbors better than ever.

Blend into daily life like never before.

You’ll surprise native Spanish speakers with the way the language flows from your mouth.

Discover how this optimal zone can transform your Spanish and your life.

Fearless Fluency in the zone

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