The lesson is dedicated to my 3 grandmothers.

That’s how I grew up with 3 grandmothers and no grandfathers.  I even had two grandmothers living in the same house.

My great grandmother lived to 96 years of age.  She spent her last years living with her daughter, so I had two grandmothers in one house.

She’s my role model for a long life.

Her brain stayed sharp, she could fly through a cryptic crossword in her 90’s like a genius.

If she had the tools we have these days to learn a second language, she could have been even sharper.

Learning a new language has proven to build mental muscles.

I recently read an article by Lucy Kinder in the Telegraph. The article reported research from the University of Edinburgh. It said learning a language in adulthood improves cognitive function. Better yet, it slows brain aging.

Yet another great reason to learn Spanish.

As well as making new amigos

Travelling freely and confidently in foreign lands

Enhance your career opportunities

You also sharpen your mental muscles for thriving longevity.

Here’s to your young, fit, and sharp mind.

This free Spanish series is great mental workout. Plus, it’s fun way to start talking with your amigos about grandparents and grandchildren.

Here is the third and final lesson in the series.

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