I’ve kissed a lot of frogs for my Spanish

Like the princess kissing frogs in the fairytale, I tried a lot of things to keep up with the pace of Spanish.

I was desperate to fit in to the Spanish speaking world.

I would have tried anything.


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Kiss a toad?

Sure, I’m up for it.

Study verb charts until your eyes pop out of your head?

Ok, not only will I do that, I’ll get up an hour earlier for the privilege.

Listen to the cassette tapes with Spanish in one ear and English in the other while baroque music plays?

If it’ll help me understand more Spanish, I’ll try it.

I would have tried anything.

But alas, like so many things I tried before, the cassettes and charts were more toads.

Still no Príncipe Encantador (Prince Charming)

Nothing but warts.

The reason why NONE of these ‘popular’ techniques worked for me…is that SPANISH is SOOOOO FAST!

It felt like I could never keep up.

No matter how much I studied…all of it was stuck in my head…and the words just didn’t flow out.

I’d start conversions with a native Spanish speakers… and soon I was left behind still trying to decipher their first few sentences. 

They were already off on a new topic.

This kept happening, over and over again.

It took me years to solve this problem.

And it’s taken close to a decade to discover a simple way to download these methods directly to you.

It’s like finally discovering the prince that takes you to a new kingdom.

New worlds of Spanish open up.

Go new places. Meet new people. Experience new adventures!

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And you don’t have to kiss any toads.

But you may want to kiss me for giving you this breakthrough.