Have you ever been overwhelmed frustrated and discouraged when people speak Spanish faster than you can keep up? 
What can you do?  
Find out on this page:

How to understand fast Spanish

Spanish words can roll together, because so many Spanish words end in the letters “o” and “a”.

This drives many new Spanish speakers crazy…especially me when I was first getting started.

You have two ways to face this challenge.

  1. You can say “más despacio por favor”

It means “more slowly please”.

Most Spanish speakers are very gracious and will slow down for you.

But wouldn’t you rather blend into conversations?  Speak with your friends with confidence and freedom. Fit in like a local not an outsider. Watch as your amigos become so impressed with your Spanish they treat you like any other native speaker.

  1. You can learn the Spanish that is usually invisible to English speakers

More details about this hidden Spanish on this page