The word “fluency” means different things to different people.

For some, fluency is a goal they expect to achieve soon. Others feel it’s the Holy Grail. Yet for many, it seems like an impossible dream.

The Merriam Webster dictionary’s definition, fluency is something anyone can achieve.

The ability to speak easily and smoothly; especially the ability to speak a foreign language easily and effectively.

Isn’t that a worthy goal for your Spanish?

That’s exactly what I was after all those years ago when I moved to a Spanish-speaking country.

It was key to thriving in my new country.

I wasn’t chasing a PhD in advanced linguistics. All I wanted was to speak easily and smoothly with my amigos. The enjoyment of comfortable and relaxed conversations with my wife’s family.


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All-New Master Keys to Spanish

I wanted to fit in.

I wanted to be a part of daily life.

When I finally achieved fluency, life became beautiful. I made friendships I will always cherish. I experienced a world I never knew existed. I shared hundreds of long meals filled with laughter, happiness and deep connection.

Spanish even became my career.

In fact, more than a career it is my calling, my vocation.

Yet, I was very close to giving up on speaking Spanish so many times. I often felt rejected and disappointed in myself.

I was one of the people who saw fluency as the Holy Grail that seemed like an impossible dream.

My pain is your gain.

What I learned from my struggles with Spanish and my 15 years of experience teaching can set you free.

All it takes is 8 Master Keys and you can speak easily, effectively and smoothly.

Yes, this means feeling comfortable in relaxed conversations with those around you.

With comfortable relaxed conversations, your Spanish takes off.

It grows even more as you speak to people in real life.

It thrives from everyday conversation.

Best of all, as you speak you feel more alive, more vibrant and more energized.

Your confidence soars.

It’s thrilling.

You may even feel younger as you regain the freedom to boldly learn, grow and discover life again.

It’s beautiful the way it brings your Spanish to life.

Here’s the best part.

All it takes is 8 Master Keys to make it happen.

All-New Master Keys to Spanish