Two things you should know.


You can learn more about the Fearless Fluency by clicking the link below:

Fearless Fluency – 8 Master Key to open up the Spanish world


I’ve been answering the most frequent questions (FAQ) about Fearless Fluency for you below.

Will there be an app for Fearless Fluency?


We are close on the Android version, it should be ready in 1-2 weeks.

The iPhone and iPad version is 2-4 weeks away.

I’ll do my best to fast track them.

We’ve had un montón (a whole lot) of emails asking for an app for Fearless Fluency. It’s great to know my students are getting value for the apps we have created so far. So, we’ll add an app for Fearless Fluency cuanto antes (as soon as possible).

Is this the same as Synergy Spanish?

No, this is a brand-new course.

Synergy Spanish makes the most of Spanish patterns that are easy for English speakers to pick up.

Fearless Fluency approaches Spanish from a different angle. It takes Spanish patterns that can be difficult and makes them easy.

The 8 Master Keys unlock more of the Spanish language for you. They give you freedom and confidence to use more of the language.

Best of all they build beautifully on the Spanish you already know and love in Synergy Spanish.

Are the lessons “Lighter Than Air Spanish” samples from Fearless Fluency?

No, they are separate lessons.

However, they unlock Spanish in the same style and with a pattern you’ll find in Fearless Fluency. If you like the “Lighter Than Air Spanish” lessons, you’ll love Fearless Fluency.

If you have a question I didn’t address, let me know.