On this page is el segundo video (the second video) in the “28-Day Challenge Style” Spanish series.

It follows on directly from video numero uno.

Free Video: How to Find Your Spanish Voice Episode #1

If you want a PhD in Spanish grammar, this series might not be for you.

This series is about discovering your natural ability to speak Spanish.

You may not realize you have a natural ability.

But this FREE 3-part series has Spanish flowing from your mouth quickly and easily.

It unlocks your tongue so you can find your Spanish voice. It does this by making the most of Spanish words and patterns that English speaker can use instantly.

With each easy episode, you say more which gives you extra confidence. Yet it always feels familiar friendly and comfortable.

Remember the episodes build in an easy step-by-step system. That way you can say more without ever feeling lost or overwhelmed.

It starts here.

Free Video: How to Find Your Spanish Voice Episode #1

Episodio dos (Episode two) is below:

Episode 3 is coming soon.

If You Like This Style of Lesson, Click Here to Find Your Spanish Voice and Speak Spanish With More Freedom and Confidence in Just 10 Minutes a Day