In Spanish the word for “retirement” looks like an English word just not the one you were expecting.

The word for retirement is jubilación.

But it doesn’t mean jubilation.

Or does it?

Maybe retirement does mean jubilation if you get to travel, discover, or even live in a new country.

Those things certainly make me feel euforia (euphoria).

I find it’s exhilarating to step into a new world. It keeps me from sleepwalking through life and feeling passionately alive.

I’ve created a brand new video lesson which will have you talking about living in or visiting a Spanish-speaking country.

You’ll talk about travelling after “your” retirement.

However, even if you are like me and never plan to retire, you’ll still pick up some great Spanish to use in your travels.

The speak-to-learn system gets the Spanish flowing off your tongue in easy steps, meaning you’ll be able to use it right away.

Why not use it to tell your amigos about the Spanish-speaking countries you love and what you love about them.


This video follows on from the video on this blog post, Spanish Morning Miracle.