Today I’ll give you a handy expression that will allow you to praise Spanish speakers about their country, food, and culture.

Plus I’ll show you how to multiply what you can say with a little twist.

It’s a good bet you’ve heard this expression: me encanta.

You don’t have to be around Spanish speakers very long to hear it.

Literally, it means it delights me, but it’s like saying in English that you love something. Por ejemplo,

Me encanta México.
I love Mexico.

Me encanta la vida.
I love (the) life.

Me encanta el acento español.
I love the Spanish accent.

Here’s the way to say more with this expression: Just change the ending.

Me encanta = I love

Me encantaría = I would love

Here are some of the many ways you can use this:

Me encantaría vivir en España.
I would love to live in Spain.

Me encantaría visitar México.
I would love to visit Mexico.

Me encantaría hablar más español contigo.
I would love to speak more Spanish with you.

It’s a very handy expression, and one you can use immediately.

This free speak-to-learn video adds this expression and more to your speaking repertoire in less than 10 minutes.

The video on this blog post has you speaking with me about the things you love in Spanish.