Have you ever had a day when you just can’t get going?

I used to start my days as grumpy as a bear with a sore head.

But, not anymore.

Now I’m creative and productive, which helped me produce the Spanish Conversation Accelerator video on this page for you.

I read a book called The Morning Miracle and it has changed my mornings, my days and my life.

The book is about developing a morning ritual setting yourself up for a great day.

I start my days now with a little meditation and Tai Chi.

Add in a little stretching while I listen to some audio, usually it’s Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes. I always pick up a big idea or two from him.

Then, I feed my spirit by getting outside and taking a walk in nature.

So, the latest addition to my ritual has been a “breakthrough”.

I create.

For some people, creativity means painting, writing or music.

For me, my creative flow state is scripting Spanish classes.

I am little weird.

But I love it!

I feel more energized after I finish scripting than before I started.

Finding language connections and sequences that make it easy and fun for my students to speak Spanish is a passion that comes from my “breakthrough”.

My life’s mission is to use my unique abilities to make speaking a second language doable for anyone at any age.

And I do enjoy throwing a bit of my life and humor in there as well. This gives the script real-life authenticity and easily applicable in the real world.

My morning creativity has birthed a new concept called Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerators.

Use it to speed up your conversational skills in Spanish.

Here’s the first in a free series of Conversation Accelerating video for you: