Did you know while I was living in a Spanish speaking country, I struggled for years not being able to carry on even a basic conversation.

The system I discovered and now share with you in Synergy Spanish was the biggest breakthrough of my Spanish life.

Synergy Spanish gives you 138 Synergy verbs, Brick Verbs and Mortar Words.

You will not find anything else out there like this today…

Until now!

After years of intensive research and helping my tens of thousands of students from around the world…

I discovered an additional 138 Synergy Verbs, Brick Verbs and Mortar Words that will further multiply your Spanish by 8 times.

Here’s the beauty of these NEW 138 words.

You can practice and use them in the exact same way you used the first 138 words in my Synergy Spanish system.

Adding the NEW 138 to the original 138 will multiply your results because…

79 Brick Verbs x 79 Synergy Verbs x 118 Mortar Words = 736,438 possible phrases.

That’s 8.7 times the Spanish vs. the original Synergy Spanish alone…

That’s a guaranteed way to multiply your confidence, your freedom, and your lifestyle.

I call it Synergy Spanish 8X.

Imagine your expanded world when you are speaking 8 times the Spanish you already speak today.

You will be speaking even more fluently in Spanish with your amigos, neighbors, and yes, even with the people you meet in your daily life.

It took me years to find the exact words but it won’t take you years. In fact, you can take your Spanish to exciting new levels of fluency in as little as 10 minutes a day.

This is just that easy.

It’s natural.

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Synergy Spanish was just the beginning.

This next level will open up a whole new world to you with 8 times the Spanish fluency with just 138 additional words.

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