There are two distinct “pillars” to speaking Spanish freely.

Individually, these pillars have great impact on your ability to speak conversational Spanish.

Together, they take you to the rare air of those who enjoy the highest levels of freedom in Spanish.


Fearless Fluency is ideal if you have some Spanish words under your belt. It gives you the confidence to build those words in sentences to blend into daily life and comfortable conversations.

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All-New Master Keys to Spanish

Pillar 1 is the fastest way for English speakers to speak Spanish.

This pillar takes advantage of Spanish patterns that come naturally to English speakers.

It is the foundation that gets people speaking quickly with Synergy Spanish.

Pillar 2 approaches Spanish from a very different perspective.

It unlocks language patterns in Spanish that don’t exist in English.

This is why most textbooks get you stuck.

Textbooks hone in on verb conjugations and minor points of grammar. In English, there are only a handful of conjugations while in Spanish there are 100s.

¡No te preocupes! (Don’t worry!)

I have some very good news for you!

You don’t have to suffer with complicated textbooks. Nor do you have to endure complex grammar or 100’s of verb conjugations.

8 Master Keys can transform your Spanish.

Best of all, once you’ve got them down, they can be yours for the rest of your life.

Additionally, they build beautifully on the Spanish you already know.

8 Master Keys can transform your Spanish.

These “Master Keys” unlock more Spanish for you. They give you freedom and confidence to use more of the language.

You can speak Spanish in daily life and thrive in the Spanish-speaking world.

Chat in the markets, plazas and town squares.

Enjoy long lunches that turn into late dinners with your Spanish speaker friends.

Tell your amigos all about yourself, your kids, grandkids and family.

If you are living in a Spanish speaking country, you’ll get to know your neighbors better than ever.

Blend into daily life like never before.

You’ll surprise native Spanish speakers with the way the language flows from your mouth.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel as one of the top 1% of English speakers who speak Spanish.

Imagine your newfound confidence as you enjoy the rare air of speaking with “FEARLESS” fluency.

8 Master Keys is all it takes to enjoy this new freedom with Spanish.

8 Master Keys can transform your Spanish.