I’ve been thinking about the magic of Spanish Fluency and it reminded me of a song you might know. Especially if you are a baby-boomer like me.

I wonder if you know Spanish Castle Magic.

It’s by my favorite artist. He’s famous for his virtuosic guitar playing.

My son likes him too, but not as much as “Los Beatles”.

Isn’t it awesome that a kid born in 2006 loves the Beatles as much as I do?

His favorite song is, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”.

My son is only 11, but to him the Beatles are fresh and current. He loves them so much he’s been listening to their albums in order.

Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Days Night.

We’ve listened to those first few albums and they are pretty good.

Now, we’re getting ready for the really good stuff.

I’m looking forward to hearing my favorite albums with him, Revolver, Rubber Soul and Abbey Road, Magic stuff, especially Revolver!

If the Beatles ended after the first three albums, I doubt my son would be listening to them in 2017.

They would have been a very talented and cool boy band with great singles. Later on, they made great albums full of artistry and magic.

Gracias a Dios (thank god) they made those albums. They have given me, and millions of others so much joy.

My apologies I digress, here’s to your Spanish magic.

You have some good Spanish under your belt.

Now you can unlock your creativity, artistry, friendship, as well as, enjoy the freedom the next level of Spanish will bring to your life.

How much more fun would it be to make the leap to conversations that are longer?

Have more in-depth chats like those good old vinyl albums?

All you need is the 8 Master Keys. These handful of language patterns can transform your fluency.

Fearless Fluency.

My favorite guitarist that I mentioned at the start of this email made 3 good albums. Spanish Castle Magic was on his second album –  “Axis Bold as Love”.

Here’s to discovering your Spanish Magic from the castles to the beaches to the colonial towns.

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