There’s a book taking the world by storm. The same power behind this book can create life-changing magic for your Spanish.

The book is “the life-changing magic of tidying up”. It’s by Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo.

It has 13,057 reviews on Amazon, the majority 5 stars.

It promised to transform my home into a permanently clear and clutter-free space.

That’s something my house desperately needs.

The living room is beautiful thanks to my daughter, but the garage is very “blokey”.

Here’s the game changer from the book.

You start by discarding rather than tidying. You choose what to get rid of by focusing on what you want to create. You ask yourself “does each item spark your joy?”

I discovered a similar counterintuitive Spanish fluency transformation.

Start by discarding everything except the most commonly used conversational verbs.

Once you de-clutter the verb charts, like purging the house of a hoarder, your Spanish has room to breathe.

That’s the opposite of just about every textbook out there, yet it completely changes the game.

Learning all the conjugations of every verb in every tense kills your motivation.

It stifles fluency.

It’s too overwhelming.

You can’t speak freely.

When you clear the clutter away using these 8 Master Keys, you unlock your Spanish and let it flow.

It becomes easy to absorb the patterns and speak freely.

All you need are these 8 Master Keys to ignite your conversational Spanish.

8 Master Keys to ignite your conversational Spanish.