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The Spanish word for swimming pool is piscina.

Imagine one of those rotten boys who piss in a pool.

Really picture the kid in the pool making the water change color.

It’s yellow.


Discúlpeme! (Pardon me!) for doing that to you. But the more vivid the image the better this works.

I’ll bet you now know what the Spanish word piscina means.


You just used a mnemonic.

It’s a memory tool that the masters use to do their amazing feats.

You might have seen them on TV. They often memorize a deck of cards or a list of 1000s of numbers.

But you don’t need to memorize thousands of Spanish words to enjoy this language. In fact you can get by in Spanish with as little as 138 words.

These 138 words can make as many as 88,000 Spanish phrases.

And that’s enough to give you a new lease on Spanish life.

You can get by and enjoy your first real conversations with your amigos.

Feel at home in the plazas, markets and coffee shops.

Experience a sense of freedom as you make yourself understood.

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Speak Spanish at any age Secret

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Do you remember what pisina means?

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Speak Spanish at any age with 138 words


Marcus Santamaria 
Spanish Communication Coach