Spanish can be like a line from the Boss’s song, Glory Days.

“He could throw that speedball by you make you look like a fool boy.”

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Spanish words fly past you so fast…


I didn’t hear a word.

Strike uno!


Didn’t catch any of that.

Strike dos!


Strike tres!

You’re out!

You don’t even know what happened. It was all so fast.

All you can do is say, “mas despacio por favor?” (More slowly please.)?

If you’ve ever felt like this, I have buenas noticias (good news).

So, if you’ve been striking out with fast Spanish, no es imposible (it’s not impossible).

Al contrario (on the contrary)

Keeping up with the pace of Spanish is an achievable goal and a worthy aim for you.

I know you can do it.


Because I’ve done it myself.

I used to be bamboozled by fast Spanish.

Then, one day it fell into place. I found myself flicking between English and Spanish radio stations as if it were all one language.

The rewards have been glorious.

My life has expanded in ways I could never have imagined.

You can enjoy the same freedom, confidence, and joy the Spanish language brings to your life.

Spanish Glory Days

I made additional discoveries along the way that have accelerated the progress of my students.

Now you can achieve your goals easier and, in less time, than it took me.

Here’s what I found out on my journey.

Spanish Glory Days