Yesterday I sent you a video that had you saying more with the Spanish you already know in only 10 minutes. If you missed it, it’s on the link below:

Rewiring your brain for Spanish.

It uses a simple idea that opens up more Spanish in your life.

The idea in the video flies in the face of typical textbooks Spanish. It’s very different to what you find in Spanish classes or even university level Spanish courses.

Yet the idea in the video is backed by a scientific theory called of “order of acquisition.”

I won’t bore you with the scientific mumbo-jumbo. It simply means our brains gravitate to the parts of language that allow you to say the most.

Our brains hate the minutia of language study. Textbooks are actually in conflict with the way your brain works.

You have probably seen the following time and again in the textbooks:

  • Por vs para
  • Ser vs estar
  • Indirect object pronouns vs. direct object pronouns
  • Masculine and feminine nouns and adjective agreement

Minor points of grammar like those have only a tiny impact on your ability to communicate.

That’s why studying the grammar theory feels so awkward and unnatural. It’s working against your brain

Your brain naturally goes where it can say the most.

Spanish flows much easier when you stop fighting against your brain.

The feel is more natural.

It’s very rewarding because you’re always making forward progress.

Plus, it’s fun to get results that you can use right away to speak with your amigos in the real world.

It’s super motivating to experience momentum in speaking to learn Spanish.

This free video gives you a pattern that fits perfectly with the acquisition theory.

And best of all you can use it right away in real life to communicate with your amigos.

Click here for the Free Video – Rewiring your brain for Spanish.