Did you know Spanish has a different word for playing an instrument as opposed to playing a sport?

In English we talk about playing sports and games and we also talk about playing music.

Spanish has a different verb for each one. To play a game or a sport the verb is jugar, for example:

Jugar béisbol (To play baseball)

Jugar cartas (To play cards)

Jugar por dinero (To play for money)

Jugar means to play when you are talking about games or sport… but music isn’t a game or a sport.

It’s art.

It’s fun

It’s connection.

It’s relaxing.

It gets the fiesta started.

But it’s not a game.

So it has a different verb.

The verb to use is tocar, which means to play (an instrument).

tocar un instrumento

tocar la guitarra

tocar el piano

Here’s how you can burn the verb tocar into your brain and make it forever part of your Spanish-speaking repertoire.

Just speak to learn with the video #2 on the link below of my new series “Spanish life, love and music” on the link below and you’ll be talking in flowing sentences about playing the guitar, the harmonica and the piano.

By the way the video lesson is designed to plug right into your Synergy Spanish. The video puts your Synergy Verbs, Brick Verbs and Mortar Words into real life conversations around music.

Free Video #2: Spanish Life, Love and Music