I’m always excited to hear about my students using their Spanish in the real world. Here are some comments from my blog about making use of these Spanish lessons in real-life situations.

I love this post about music. More please. My husband plays the guitar and mandolin and one of the things we most enjoy when we go to Mexico is making music with others in our community ( a small fishing village. As we have started learning Spanish as we older this right up our alley.

Thank you Marcus. Beautiful lesson. I love music, and I play piano. Now I can talk in Spanish about my hobby. Muchas gracias otra vez. Your student Julia

Many of my students also said they are looking forward to the next lesson. It’s now ready for you to enjoy speaking to learn more Spanish by pressing the video image below.

Btw, here’s video 1, if you missed it.

Click here to download video version

Click here to download audio version.

Btw, here’s video 1, if you missed it.

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