I just finished Part 3 of “Rewiring Your Brain for Spanish”. The video is at the bottom of this blog post.

It shows you an easy pattern from Synergy Spanish 8x to expand your Spanish repertoire.

Like the patterns you learned in videos 1 and 2, it’s simple to flip a structure you already use every day in English into Spanish.

By the way, if you missed lesson #1 and #2 they are here:

Rewiring your brain for Spanish #1

Rewiring your brain for Spanish #2

All three videos take advantage of an idea that makes speaking Spanish easier and more natural.

The idea is this:

There’s a scientific theory called the “order of acquisition”. Simply put, it says our brains gravitate to the parts of language that allow you to say the most.

That’s why when textbooks burden you with the minor points you feel depleted.

All this theory will wear you out. Worse yet, there’s no feeling of progress. It’s demotivating.

Spanish flows much easier when you stop fighting against your brain’s natural tendencies.

It’s energizing when you speak Spanish with patterns that come naturally.

It’s thrilling when the language starts to click and you can say a lot with a little.

The video below shows you how to make more Spanish click for you today: