One of my favorite emails came from an 80-year-old student. He made a wedding speech entirely in Spanish.

He didn’t let false age barriers stop him.

His emotionally charged speech had the guests in tears.

Has anyone told you that you are too old for Spanish?

Don’t pay any attention to them, even if it’s your own voice. Instead model these people who are already enjoying Spanish in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and yes, even 90’s.

Here’s what some have to say:

“In a couple of weeks I shall be 74 years old. Don’t let anyone think age is a barrier to learning especially with your unique method of teaching. Now I can visit my friends in Costa Rica, and feel much more confident in my conversations with them.”
– Eddie Simpson (UK)

“I have reached the age of 81. Yet comfortable & relaxed conversations with my Canarian friends are no problem.”
– Harry Bracewell (Canary Islands, Spain)

“I feel as though my brain cells are suddenly increasing, instead of decreasing. Which isn’t a bad thing at my age (64).

While away I had more confidence to use the language since learning Synergy Spanish.

I was able to understand the Spanish people much easier when they spoke to me. More importantly they understood me. They carried on speaking in their language, instead of switching to English.”
– Penny Butt (UK)

You can enjoy the confidence of comfortable and relaxed conversations in Spanish at any age too!

Here’s how you can get started today:

Speak Spanish at any age

I bet you thought I forgot about the wedding, here’s Jim’s story about the speech he gave in Spanish.

Dear Marcus,

Thank you for all your Spanish lessons.

In March I traveled to Madrid to celebrate the wedding of our Spanish exchange student . She came to our home when she was 13 years old and is now 28. She became the daughter I never had.

At the wedding I gave a speech totally in Spanish. I explained our relationship to the 300 invited guests. Closing my speech I gave a blessing to the bride and groom. It seems I had all the ladies present in tears. I was complimented on my diction and the emotion that my speech carried. In fact one gentleman, about my age 80, thanked me for putting God into my speech. I can’t tell you how proud you made me feel with my presentation.

So thank you for being such an inspiration
Jim Rice

Now, you may never need to give a wedding speech in Spanish, but wouldn’t you love to enjoy casual confident conversations with your amigos?

This path makes it easy:

Speak Spanish at any age