¡Ojo! – watch out!

The Spanish googly is everywhere in Spanish.

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una y otra vez – Over and over again

Lo que quiere decir – what it means

No tiene nada que ver con las palabras – has nothing to do with the words.

When you look at the individual Spanish words above, they are different from the overall meaning.

This can be a big trap to understanding what your amigos say to you.

Let’s take a closer look.

The word Ojo means eye but also is used to say… Watch out!

The phrases, quiere decir, word for word means wants to say, but put them together and the meaning is – it means.

Likewise, una y otra vez translated word by word is very different. The words individually are “one and another time” but your amigos will use it to say over and over again.

Lastly the individual words in nada que ver are “nothing that to see”. When your amigos use nada que ver what they are really saying is nothing to do with.

Welcome to the sometimes confusing, weird and wonderful world of the Spanish googly.

Yes, I coined this phrase Spanish googly.

A googly is a type of deceptive delivery by a leg spin bowler in cricket.

A Spanish googly is a group of deceptive words that equals a totally different meaning from what you’d expect.

It’s a part of Spanish your amigos use every day.

They are essential to understanding your amigos and blending into everyday Spanish life.

Get a handle on the most common Spanish googlies opens the  language up for you.

You don’t get blindsided anymore.

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Here’s how to master this part of Spanish.

Mastering the Spanish Googly