If someone stays silent when they should speak in English, we might ask “Has the cat got your tongue?”

The Spanish version is not only painful but also disgusting.

¿Te comieron la lengua los ratones?”

Did they eat your tongue the rats?

!Ay! (Ouch!)

The English gato (cat) gets your tongue and the Spanish ratones (rats) eat it.

Gato (cat) also has a second meaning in Spanish. It’s a “jack”. The ones we use to lift a car to change a tire.

The interesting thing about a jack is anyone can raise a car. Even a 90-pound weakling can lift up a car.

Imagine the weakling had a jack and the world’s strongest man didn’t. Who would lift and hold the car longer?

“El flaco va a ganar” (the skinny one is going to win.)

¡Sin duda! (without a doubt!)

It’s amazing what the right tool at the right time can do.

Here’s a free tool to lift your Spanish into the air.

If the textbooks make you feel like a weakling, you can raise up your Spanish.

No need to grit your teeth or go red in the face from straining.

You won’t get a hernia.

No cheeks puffed up like Louis Armstrong blowing his trumpet.

Just press play and raise your Spanish.