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“Which of these 8 Keys Will Be the One That Opens the Door to Exciting, Confident Conversations in Spanish?”

Have you ever found yourself feeling unsure about starting a Spanish conversation?

Do you have some Spanish under your belt? Yet you still lack the confidence to blend into daily life and comfortable conversations

Do you have trouble keeping up with the fast pace of Spanish conversation?

If so these 8 Master Keys to Spanish can unlock the language for you. They clear away blockages and activate the Spanish you already have.

This new system is different from anything you’ve tried before

You may have spent years in traditional Spanish classes. They’re good at teaching you the grammar and tons of in-depth Spanish lessons. But when it comes to actually giving you Spanish you feel comfortable speaking in your daily life, not so much. You memorize dozens (or even hundreds) of rules, yet stumble around even trying to have a basic conversation in Spanish.

Maybe you’ve even purchased a few online classes. Generally they’re better than the traditional classes, but they still don’t give you the confidence you need to hold flowing conversations with your amigos.

Or you might have studied textbooks. For many people this can make things worse. The textbooks intimidate them so much they become fearful of mistakes. They tighten up. It paralyzes them from opening their mouth and saying anything freely in Spanish.

Another you might have tried is the immersion method. This can be a fantastic way to pick up Spanish, especially for kids.

The trouble with immersion is adults can feel like they’re drowning. It‘s overwhelming as Spanish hits you like a tidal wave.

I used to feel humiliated by my lack of Spanish

I too used to feel overwhelmed by Spanish and embarrassed by how little I could actually speak. I hoped my English-speaking friends wouldn’t come and visit me. They’d see how weak my Spanish was even though I had spent years in a Spanish speaking country.

It was my embarrassment with my poor Spanish and my desperation to fit in that led to my first breakthrough. It took me from overwhelmed and drowning in Spanish to easily getting by in the language.

Since then, I’ve helped my students speak Spanish comfortably in their daily life for over 12 years…and many have even retired to a Spanish speaking country.

But I’ve made a recent discovery…a new way to help you get comfortable with the language faster. It’s all based on 8 Master Keys that will expand and multiply the Spanish you already know.

They’ll give you the confidence to start speaking with strangers. You’ll blend more easily into daily Spanish life. With them on your side you’ll experience newfound freedom with Spanish.

The Master Keys make speaking Spanish feel more natural for English speakers.

Instead of learning to speak you just speak to learn.

Each day they give you more ways to express yourself freely in Spanish.

If only I’d had them when I started learning Spanish. They would have saved me years of toil and desperation.

All I wanted to do was to fit in, chat with my amigo and speak with confidence.

In the beginning, I loyally studied the textbooks.

They taught me grammar, rules, and Spanish subjunctive.

Like a robot I followed what the textbooks told me to do.

But I still couldn’t speak with my amigos.

In fact the more I studied, the more my Spanish seemed to get worse.

I was so stuck in my head and thinking about rules and theory, that Spanish never flowed freely from my mouth.

I remember thinking, “There must be something wrong with me.”

“I’m too old.”

“I didn’t do well at school.”

“Maybe only kids can speak a new language.”

“Maybe my dream of traveling, living, and retiring in a Spanish speaking country was foolish.”

“I don’t know anyone who has learned Spanish as an adult.”

I had horrible thoughts of self-doubt. They made me so uncomfortable and nauseous.

But something inside me knew this line of thinking was wrong.

Part of me wanted to indulge in a pity party. Another part of me knew there had to be a better way.

How I went from failure to success with Spanish

I remembered my Karate Sensei, Peter, and our chats about the journey to mastery.

Sensei told about me how to the master’s path is the same whether it is for a musician, artist, parent, preacher, or a Karate Sensei.

He taught me it all starts with the basic moves. Practice them until you don’t need to think about them.

They just happen instantly.

In Karate he said, “You’ll get so good you can almost see a punch coming before it’s thrown. You don’t have to think. You just react naturally. It happens instinctively. You’ll be surprised with your own power.”

He was obsessed with the basic moves.

How I went from failure to success with Spanish

“Black belt moves are simply variations on a handful of basic moves.” he would say.

The same ones Sensei taught me in the very first class.

The path to mastery always starts with fundamentals.

When I looked at my textbooks I didn’t see a path to speaking, I didn’t see a path like the one Sensei told me about.

I only saw a path to theoretical academic mastery.

That wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted to speak Spanish in daily life, so I could live and thrive in the Spanish-speaking world.

The textbook wasn’t going to take me there.

It was the wrong path.

I wasn’t too old. I wasn’t dumb.

The textbook path simply wasn’t made for people like me.

This started my to find a better path to unlock the Spanish language.

There were a few language patterns that were easy to speak.

I stripped away everything that wasn’t working. I found the basics to build on for a path to mastery.

I threw hundreds of dollars of textbooks into the dumpster.

It was a small fortune to me at the time, but no one else deserved to suffer from those textbooks.

And once I cleared out the clutter, I finally started making progress.

Spanish started feeling natural.

This was something even I could do.

My dreams of beaches, great food, carefree Spanish living and opportunities were possible again.

Once I started speaking the language, additional pieces fell into place.

These simple Master Keys open up the language for anyone, no matter his or her age.

Imagine reinventing yourself in a Spanish speaking world….where you fit in…you feel respected…you can live in beautiful locations for just a fraction of what it would cost at home.

Stress melts away into a new, relaxing and carefree existence.

Exciting new opportunities to expand your life around every corner of this amazing world.

I loved the old colonial towns as much as the vibrant cities and the near perfect beaches. Where palm trees and warm blue waters are even richer than a postcard.

And the dozens of new friends I met…visiting with them at their homes, sharing meals and laughing with their stories, and going on adventures I never could have experienced on my own.

And as surprising as it sounds, they even got two-left feet Marcus dancing at the fiestas.

Spanish can be your doorway to a rich, exciting new life.

Discover How the 8 Master Keys open up the Spanish world for you

Fearless Fluency is 100% focused on sequences that make Spanish easy to speak.

No textbooks.

No lectures.

No grammatical analysis.

This speak-to-learn program frees you from complicated theory.

Instead, each of the 8 sessions unlock your ability to say more in Spanish.

Speak real life Spanish just like you’ll use in the markets, cafés and town squares.

Feel more comfortable speaking Spanish in daily life with each Master Key you turn.

Your amigos will love you speaking to them in their language. Speak more freely and easily with them each time you’re together.

That’s because fearless fluency has a structured sequence. This gives you more ways to express yourself in Spanish each day. Yet, it’s always easy. It’s always step-by-step. You absorb more Spanish with each lesson.

It’s 100% practical.

It’s real world Spanish.

It strips away all the complexity so your Spanish flows.

End the brain fog of complexity and grammar.

Eliminate the confusion and overwhelm that normally comes with Spanish training.

You don’t study verb conjugation tables or indirect object pronouns. Yet they’ll become second nature while using Fearless Fluency.

Best of all, you speak freely.

Even if you don’t know what the labels are, you just let the Spanish flow.

And isn’t that what learning a language is all about? Spanish flows freely from your mouth so you can…

Enjoy conversations.

Enhance travel.

Blend in with different cultures and ways of life.

Explore other countries.

Have rich experiences and live a bigger life.

Even relocate to the warm, friendly easy living of the Spanish-speaking world.

Fearless Fluency is your doorway to Spanish communication in real life.

Here’s what included in Fearless Fluency

Fearless Fluency has 8 sections – 1 for each Master Key.

Each of the 8 Master Key sections has between 9 and 32 lessons. (143 in total.)

You can use the audio or video versions, whichever you enjoy the most.

The lessons are brief, 7 -11 minutes each.

Each one is long enough to add new ways of speaking to your Spanish repertoire.

Yet, they are short enough to keep you feeling fresh, energized and excited.

Excited to say more with each day.

Excited by the new possibility Spanish brings to your life.

Excited to feel your abilities multiply.

You can enjoy the lessons on your computer or any portable device.

You can stream them while you do the dishes or other chores.

Many of my students like to explore remotes parts of the world from jungles to the high seas. That means times away from Internet and Wi-Fi.

We’ve got you covered.

You can download all the lessons so you have them at hand wherever you are.

Play them when you walk or exercise. Turn a commute into a fun time you look forward to as you speak more Spanish with every drive.

Here’s the kind of Spanish you’ll soon be speaking

Mi nieto menor no habla inglés para nada. Por eso hablo con mis nietos en español. Siempre les hablo en español. Los domingos me hablan por teléfono. Lo malo es que no hablan inglés aunque lo estudian en la escuela. No hablan inglés muy bien. Cuando hablamos por teléfono les hablo en español.

Mis hijos siempre me llaman los fines de semana. Nunca me llaman el viernes. Casi nunca me llaman de lunes a jueves Es que trabajan mucho durante la semana. Por eso no me llaman durante la semana pero siempre me llaman los fines de semana.

Fearless Fluency has you speaking in present tense Spanish. You can use this to talk about a wide range of subjects from your day-to-day life. You can tell people about your children, grandchildren and spouse. It opens up friendly conversational topics like where you live, what you do, and who you are.

It’s great for practical matters like when a train, plane or bus arrives. When you go back to your country from a holiday. What you believe in, if you go to church, even how you celebrate Christmas and birthdays. What you do on the weekends. What days you work, what times you work or even if you no longer work.

Fearless fluency has you speaking on all those subjects and much more.

And once you have the 8 Master Keys under your belt, conversations about the future become easy. In fact, you can instantly adapt 2 Master Keys to speak about the future in the same way native Spanish speakers do.

Likewise, Master Keys to speak about the past just slide right into your repertoire.

These 2 additional bonuses round out your conversations and give you even more freedom with Spanish.

Bonus #1 – Master Keys to Conversational Spanish about the Future

This is a simple extension of the Master Keys already under your belt.

You glide easily into speaking authentic everyday Spanish about the future. Your conversations will take on a natural friendly warm tone.

When your chatting with your amigos, you’ll hear them using this Master Key all the time.

This bonus will open up and expand your conversations in a natural and authentic way.

You’ll use it for making plans with your friends.

You’ll use it to confirm times.

You’ll even have a better understanding of who should pick up the bill in the restaurant. It’s that much a part of everyday life.

It’ll be a part of the Spanish you speak and hear every day.

Bonus #2 takes your Spanish even further.

Bonus #2 – Master Keys to Conversational Spanish about the past

You can quickly and smoothly add these Bonus Master Keys to your repertoire to speak about the past.

This extra dimension rounds out your Spanish.

You’ll chat with your amigos about what you’ve been doing. You tell them about the things you’ve done or haven’t done in your life. You’ll get to know about the lives of your amigos too. Your newfound skills will create closer connections and deeper friendships.

There’s one last piece to make sure you everything clicks for you…and you get to experience the joys of speaking Spanish in your daily life.

Free One-On-One Fearless Fluency Email Coaching For 90 Days (Limited Spots Available!)

Fearless Fluency is an easy course to go through, as you effortlessly speak more Spanish each day. But what happens if you do get stuck on some phrase or sentence?

In most Spanish courses that’s where you would stop and never get to speak Spanish. Not so with Fearless Fluency. You will experience the thrill of speaking Spanish in your daily life.

I love teaching Spanish! Should you hit a roadblock anywhere in the course, I am here to help you. Just send me an email. I’ll answer your questions and make sure you’re on the path to speaking Spanish freely.

That’s right, you have a coach just an email away. My 17 years of experience teaching languages is in your corner. I’ll make sure you join the 1000s of happy students around the world already speaking Spanish.

Frankly, most people never even need to use this feature. The audio/video are so easy to follow, you’ll be speaking Spanish within a few minutes of accessing the course. Nevertheless, isn’t it good to know you are not on your own and that help is available if you need it for any reason?

Plus, as with all my products, you have absolutely no risk whatsoever…

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not amazed by the way you speak Spanish and your Spanish speaking amigos don’t compliment you on your day-to-day Spanish…

Then I’ll refund every penny you’ve paid, anytime for the next 60 days.

Or even if you get the program and decide it’s not right for you for any reason…

Just let me know and I’ll give you a complete, no questions asked 100% refund.

This is your chance to speak Spanish fluently with your friends and the people you meet in your daily life.

And I’m taking all the risk.

Grab these Master Keys and unlock a new life of Spanish freedom, fun and fluency.

Here’s everything you get with your Fearless Fluency Course today.

  • Fearless Fluency Audio Course (143 lessons)
  • Fearless Fluency Video Course (143 lessons)
  • iPhone, iPad & Android App
  • Bonus #1 – Master Keys to Conversational Spanish about the Future (6 audio lessons and 6 video lessons)
  • Bonus #2 – Master Keys to Conversational Spanish about the Past (7 audio lessons – 7 videos coming soon)
  • 90 Days Coaching