I recently went on una dieta.

It’s not a weight loss diet and it doesn’t involve food.

Yet, the impact has been life changing.

I guarantee a similar plan will transform your Spanish.

Let me tell you about the diet and what I’ve done. Then, we’ll look at how you can use the same system to become conversational with your Spanish this month.


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All-New Master Keys to Spanish

Some time back I read these quotes:

“People who watched six or more hours of news about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing were more likely to develop post-traumatic stress symptoms than people who were actually at the bombing and personally affected by it.”

“A 2014 study of U.S. adults found that the single best predictor of people’s fear and anxiety was how much time they spent watching TV talk shows.”

That’s it! I’m out! No more watching the news for me.

Who wants PTSD, or anxiety?

I’m cut out the news…and I feel great.

I have no idea what President Trump tweeted today.

I don’t waste time worrying about disasters or terrorist attacks.

Instead, I’m putting my life force to better use.

I know people think I am weird.

No me molesta. (It’s doesn’t bother me.)

I’m focused on creating ground breaking Spanish programs and being the best dad I can be. Trying to be a good human and take immaculate care of my health and fitness.

My stress and anxiety are low.

I see the good in almost everyone I meet.

I sleep well.

My mind is clear.

I’m creative.

Best of all, these results came from removing a negative from my life.

I eliminated the kryptonite of news.

I challenge you to remove the kryptonite of theory and dogma.

Put aside the Spanish textbooks.

Stay away from grammar analysis.

Clear your mind.

Narrow your focus to 8 Master Keys of speaking conversational Spanish.

Watch the Spanish start to flow.

Enjoy confidence to start conversations with new people.

Feel at ease with speaking Spanish.

Here are the keys that open the door to exciting and confident conversations in Spanish.

Keys to exciting and confident conversations in Spanish

By removing the news from your life, you can get rid of the ugly and replace it with beauty. Remove complexity and stress from your Spanish and you can replace it with ease and calm. Throw out dogma, theory and analysis, swap it for real life conversations.

The diet for speaking Spanish