On this post I have for you is the second Wiring your Brain for Spanish video:

If you missed the first one, it’s available on this blog post:

Wiring your Brain for Spanish #1

Thank you to everyone who left comments on the blog.

My favourite:

Hi Marcus, just back from Spain where I used my Spanish to book a room with a Russian host who spoke no English, so we got by in 2-way Spanish. Funny how he complimented me on my Spanish. Thanks again for your hard work. Keep it up.
Regards Ozzy Steeve.

That comment warmed my heart.

Spanish has been a bridge for me too.

Two years ago, I was able to reconnect with my cousin Stephano after 33 years.

Even though he’s from Rome, we spoke Spanish because his Spanish is better than my Italian. Spanish was the bridge between us.

His wife, Angela, doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish or English. Yet she understood most of the conversations. I ended up speaking to her in Spanish. She spoke to me in Italian and we understood each other well.

It was a beautiful time in my life.

Russians, Italians and Australian speaking Spanish together. You never know what chasms Spanish will help you cross.

It’s a “small world” after all.

Spanish also unites 20 countries. There are 437 million native Spanish speakers sharing one language.

Here’s to your adventures in Spanish.

And here’s the second video. May they serve you as a step onto the bridge between people.