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5 keys to speaking Spanish at any age

5 keys to speaking Spanish at any age

Spanish Speaking Secret #1

Everyday frequently used words vs. uncommon, rare and wasteful words.

When I started Spanish I learned words like plughole, dish drainer and rasp.

I never used those words in a decade of living in a Spanish-speaking country.

Instead, I should have spent my time on the words that come up in almost every conversation. […]

My birthday is on Thursday

Years has passed since I wrote this blog post. I’m turning 54 on the 31st of March. Fritz is an even stronger role model and inspiration than ever now.

In fact, he has inspired me to take up gymnastics. I started at 51. By the time I’m 60, I aim to be […]

Una pregunta (a question)

Did you have a chance to listen to the audio on this page?

Sideways Spanish Audio Numero Uno Gratis

I used to be nervous about sharing too much of the Sideways Approach to Spanish verbs.

It’s built into my course, but I didn’t want the “secret” just sitting out there for free…where other […]

The second refrito winner is

This is from the category “Learn Spanish for yourself”. This one was really hard to pick.

In the end I found one couple that summed up the experience of so many. It’s going to be great to see them turn their lives around.

Here’s the winning entry. […]

And the first refrito winner is…

One of the entries in the “help others” category just stood out. Here it is; […]

9 Minute Spanish

I’ve been working on a presentation to show people how quickly they can start enjoying speaking Spanish.

It turns out that in less than 9 minutes the sentences already start to flow.

Here are those 9 minutes for you to enjoy

Right click here to download the Audio

I’d love your feedback, leave […]

World Cup Spanish Lesson Parts 1 & 2

Here’s the second part of the World Cup lessons that Elena and I created for you.

Although we’ve kept the Spanish at a starter level so everyone can enjoy the lesson, in the second part we’ve add some more patterns to get you Spanish flowing more freely.


Here’s your Fútbol lección de español, Parte Uno


Spanish Audio lesson for the World Cup

As a special Word Cup treat Elena and I created “El Mundial” Spanish lesson for you.

It’ll get you speaking real Spanish so you can chat with your amigos de España or anyone else who speaks Spanish.

Although the lesson is about fútbol you’ll use everyday Spanish patterns that build fluency. Even if you are not into […]

A Certain Spanish Conversation Starter

Normal sure fire topics for enjoyable conversations with
native Spanish speakers are;



Friends and travel

This month there is only one subject. It trumps everything
else. Yes, it’s La Copa Mundial (The World Cup)

It’s hands down the most lively conversation topic among
Spanish speakers for the next 30 days.

Here are some important facts you need to know about this

Location: South […]

Spanish Class Charade Catastrophe

Not everyone likes how I teach. Students usually love it, but the language coordinators I’ve worked with, they are another story.

Once when I was teaching English in Mexico the coordinator came into my classroom to show me how it was done.

A student asked me the meaning of an English word.

I was about to give him […]

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