One of the entries in the “help others” category just stood out. Here it is;

I’m a RN in rural Africa, Ghana to be precise. The doctor-patient ratio here is anything but encouraging. For that reason, the government has contracted Cuban doctors to close this yawning ratio. The problem is that most of these doctors don’t speak any good English. As a local, I’ve been tasked with a translator’s role in addition to my primary role as a nurse. I must admit that Synergy Spanish has helped me immensely in managing basic communication with these doctors. I am fervently looking forward to receiving this package. I strongly believe that it will go a long way to save more lives since a misinterpretation in health has dire consequences.

Gracias y saludos

This category was full of altruistic people doing wonderful things. However, I just couldn’t look past the possibility of lives saved.

Felicidades Ishak

I’ll announce the winner of the “help yourself” category early next week.