This is from the category “Learn Spanish for yourself”. This one was really hard to pick.

In the end I found one couple that summed up the experience of so many. It’s going to be great to see them turn their lives around.

Here’s the winning entry.

I am 71 years old and I came to live in Spain two years ago. I had been coming down for several years in a RV just to spend the winters away from the cold UK. I really had no need to speak Spanish as everyone I met spoke English.

Now my wife and I are living here and find it totally frustrating not being able to Speak the language. We have tried going to classes but neither my wife nor I are up on or English grammar, so when it came to learning all the different parts of Spanish speech our minds just went blank. What we need is a simple uncomplicated way of learning the language; the way children learn, once we have the basics the rest I feel will follow.

It would give us great pleasure in been able to talk to our neighbours to feel confident when going to the doctor and not having to search for someone who can speak for us, in short just to live the life enjoy our new home and socialize with the local people. The joy of shopping and knowing what was in the tins instead of all the guess work. To think that we could read our mail that comes from the Spanish authorities.
I could go on to a thousand reasons for wanting this course, but in short it would turn our life around and give us the ability to stay in our new country and enjoy it to the full.

Felicidades Bill

I wish you all the best and I look forward to hearing how things change for you in your new country.