Is there such a thing as easy Spanish?

It so often seems so complicated, especially with traditional methods of teaching. Sure, parts of the Spanish language are really complex. Yet, there are also parts of Spanish that are easy to learn.

In fact, some words you can literally learn instantly.

The other day I was listening to a Beatles Song called Revolution 1. What’s that got to do with Spanish? Well take a look at some of these lines…

You say you want a revolution
You tell me that it’s evolution
But when you talk about destruction
You say you got a real solution
You ask me for a contribution
You say you’ll change the constitution
You tell me it’s the institution

Now, check out the translation of those lines into Spanish.

Dices que quieres una revolución
Me dices que es evolución
Pero cuando hablas de la destrucción
Dices que tienes una solución verdadera
Me pides una contribución
Dices que cambiaras la constitución
Me dices que es la institución

Notice anything?

Yes, all the English words that end in TION are almost the same in Spanish. The only difference is they end in CION instead of TION.

That’s good informaCION. You see, there is a collecCION of Spanish words like this.

And it’s a good soluCION if you have an ambiCION to learn Spanish on your next vacaCION

There are hundreds of Spanish words you can make from English words that end in TION.

Are you ready to take the TION – CION challenge?

Think of 7 English words that end in TION. Then click the link below to see if your 7 words match a CION word in Spanish.

Here’s an extract from Shortcut to Spanish with the Tions-Cion words.

There are 325 words on that list.

These instant Spanish words get even better.

There are 30 more little changes you can use to turn English words into Spanish. Learn them and you can get an instant vocabulary of 3145 words. For more details check out Shortcut to Spanish.

Leave a comment to let me know how you went with the Tion-Cion challenge and what you think of this easy instant Spanish.