I just received this question in the comments about my blog post on Spanish spoken quickly.

Is there a magazine or newsletter that has English and Spanish side by side for our reading assignment?

Thanks for the question Jim.

I have seen books like that and I enjoyed them a lot when I started learning Spanish.
I don’t know of such a magazine, but I do know of an online resource that perhaps works even better.

With this resource you can read just about anything in Spanish that is published online.

Here’s how it works

1) Go to the word champ reader page,

2) On that page you can either enter the web address of the page you want to read, or click on the links to el Mundo, el Pais, Univision and Hola.

3) Once the page loads, if you see a word that you can’t figure out, just point the mouse at the word and in second you’ll get a Spanish to English translation of the word.

Pretty cool!

So, what do you want to read?

I put together a couple of pages to help you find enjoyable reading material in Spanish. (It’s important to enjoy what you read or let’s face it… you won’t read for very long.)

This page has magazines published in Spanish that you can read online.

Why not read some gossip magazines, I admit it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

Here a link to a list of newspapers in Spanish that have articles online.

The newspapers are listed by country.

So, if you live in a Spanish speaking county or you have a favorite county, you can get keep up to date with the big issues there. That way, you’ll have plenty to talk about with the locals when you get there.

Let me know what you think about these resources by leaving a comment.