How to get for free over 40 hours of lesson that taught Spanish to American diplomats, the FBI, and DEA agents.You know a little part of me wants to keep this secret, after all it’s sales of my Spanish courses that feed my family, but the best thing to do is share.

Even though, my courses are very reasonably priced some people just can’t afford them, especially people in the third world. So, here’s a chance to get your hands on a complete Spanish course for free. And even if you can buy any Spanish course you want, maybe this course will suit your learning style and take your Spanish to the next level.

In fact, the very same material is found in all the levels of Barron’s Mastering Spanish course , which on Amazon the reviews range from glowing 5 star “the Holy Grail of Spanish courses” to 1 star “if you want to feel like an idiot”.

So, it’s not for everyone but some people love it.

Here’s where to get the Complete US State Department’s Foreign Service Institute Spanish course

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