You know, I get a lot of love for my Synergy Spanish and Bola de Nieve courses.

But every now and then I get a nasty email…

Like this one that came in the other day…

Well, with all your hype about having a ‘better way’ you are still doing one thing which ALL systems (but one) do wrong! You start verbs in the present tense which is awkward and nearly useless. At least 80% of what one talks about to another is in the past tense as in what one did –this morning, yesterday, last week, etc. But with your (and all other systems) one is left saying, “I go to the store this morning” or “I buy six books yesterday” or “I wash my hair this morning” Why don’t you start with preterito, as Madrigal does? I know people who have lived in MX for several years and are still stuck in the present tense which is an awkward and nearly useless tense. You keep bragging that your system is better and more in touch but it is no different form the archaic academic model. You are not better than the system which my French son-in-law ridicules because at age 10 he was taught to say, “My tailor is rich.” He and his school mates laughed because none of them had a tailor and they all knew tailors, NONE of whom were rich.

If you want to say you are doing something different ……. do something different.

Voy a responder a las criticas

Firstly, this person hasn’t done the Synergy Spanish course. They are judging my complete body of work on a portion of the free samples.

Secondly, in the attack-Marcus email itself, only 17% of the verbs were in the past. In that same email, 24 of the verbs were in the present tense.

There goes the theory about the present tense being useless and that 80% of verbs we use are in the past.

We have to be careful what we accept as the only way to do something…

The word for that is dogma…

I’m constantly examining the way I teach and looking for better ways.

That’s why it took me so long to release the follow up to Synergy Spanish – Bola de Nieve.

I wanted to make sure that it would be as easy to use as Synergy Spanish, and when it came time to teach the past it would flow naturally from what you already knew.

And speaking of the past…

I’ve found the fastest way to speak in the past is to use  frequently used Spanish patterns.

Here’s an example of how we get you started speaking in the past. It comes from the second advanced concepts lesson in Bola De Nieve.

Here’s an excerpt from advanced concepts 9

The past tenses in Bola de Nieve – Advanced concepts 9 may be beyond your current skill level, but if you become a Bola de Nieve member, it’s simply another easy step.

Notice on those audio lessons, I don’t mention grammar labels.

However, if you’re into grammar you will notice the use of 3 different past tenses

  • the preterit indicative
  • the imperfect indicative
  • the perfect tense indicative

and all that happened in just in a few minutes of audio. However, the important thing isn’t the grammatical labels, why do the names sound so intimidating, what’s really important is being able to use the language. Here’s what some of first group of Bola de Nieve students have to say about actually using the language.