Sometimes a simple solution to a complex problem is best. Around 20 years ago in Panama, “shock and awe” US forces came up with “Rock and Awe”.

Back then Panama wasn’t what it is today. These days it’s a retirement haven. It offers a fully appointed beach lifestyle with just about everything that the first world has to offer but at cents on the dollar.

Back in 1989 retiring in Panama would have been about as appealing as retiring in Afghanistan today.

A brutal dictator accused of murdering his political opponents was in charge. He was also accused of trafficking drugs in partnership with Colombian cartels.

After a US Marine Corps officer was killed in Panama, George Bush senior ordered an Invasion.

In five days the USA had control of the country. On Christmas day 1989 General Manuel Noriega, knowing the game was up, sought asylum in the Vatican embassy.

US troops surrounded the embassy.

What could they do to get him out?

Storming the Vatican embassy would be a gross act of war against the tiny state.

A diplomatic solution would be incredibly complex involving extradition treaties and international law.

That’s when they came up with a simple solution to a complex problem.

They set up speakers outside the embassy and blasted deafening rock and roll 24 hours a day.

It was heavy rock including Van Halen and Metallica.

After 10 days of this psychological warfare the chief of the Vatican embassy persuaded Noriega to give himself up.

Me, I wouldn’t have lasted one day of Van Halen.

If you have ever felt like throwing your hands up in surrender at the complexity of Spanish verb conjugations I have a simple solution for you.

There’s no doubt the Spanish verb system is complex. Yet there is a very easy way to tackle it.

Instead of studying every conjugation of every verb in every tense and getting overwhelmed, you can make a small change in your
approach that turns complexity into simplicity.

The free audio on this page reveals a very simple solution to Spanish verb overwhelm.

Complex Spanish verbs made simple

If you have ever been intimidated by Spanish verb charts or discovered that your classroom Spanish didn’t work in the real world you’ll find this lesson a godsend.

All the verb complexity disappears once you make this small change. Even better, it will work in the real world. You can put it into action and use it next time you chat with your Spanish speaking amigos.

Complex Spanish verbs made simple

P.S. There is some contention as to whether the Invasion was legal under International law. I’m not making a political statement either way. And if I sound flippant about a tragedy I don’t intent to offend.