They made me red-faced.

I once panicked when I lost my wife for hours in San Diego. Yes, it was before mobile phones.

I went to the library to meet her as we’d agreed, but she went to the bookstore.

Librería means bookstore in Spanish.

And there was the time I made her burst into laughter when I told her the policemen gave me a violation.

Violation means rape in Spanish.

Fortunately it was just a traffic infringement.

No harm done, just a few laughs at my expense.

I also worked for an English school called Inglés Actual. I thought I worked for Actual English but it turns out the translation was Present-Day English.

That was another victimless crime.

These Spanish words that look like English words are called false friends.

The good news is that the false friends are outnumbered a hundred to one by real friends.

For example, many words that end in ITY in English end in IDAD in Spanish: universidad, prosperidad, eternidad, hospitalidad, electricidad.

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