I have an incredible Valentine’s Day deal prepared for you, but it’s only good till midnight, February 14th.


Spanish isn’t just a language, it’s a new culture. And that difference is prime for embarrassing mistakes.

I’ll never forget a situation that made me go from walking on the moon to crashing down to earth with a giant thud.

My first date with Elena wasn’t really a date. It was just a friendly get-together with me and my buddy and her and her friends.

Nonetheless, she danced with me all night. I was feeling pretty good. I felt light and easy, to paraphrase Sting, “walking back from Cafe Sevilla, walking on the moon.”

A few days later, I received a Valentine’s Day card from her.

I felt even better!

All of a sudden the grass magically seemed greener and the sky bluer. That is, until my buddy called me and said that he also got a Valentine’s Day card from her.

Ay! (Ouch!)

That brought me crashing down to earth… until I understood the context.

It turns out in Mexico and much of the Spanish-speaking world, Valentine’s Day is…

El Día del Amor y de la Amistad.

Literally, it’s “The day of the love and of the friendship.”

The card to my friend was just a card of friendship. At least that’s what my mind told me.

Culture can be tricky. And one of the trickiest parts of Spanish is that it has two different ways of speaking. One way is intimate for speaking with friends, family, and kids and in social situations.

The other way is more formal, but it is essential to know because it conveys respect.

To get you speaking both types of Spanish, I’ve put together a special Día de la Amistad package.

The package includes the foundational Shortcut to Spanish course on video.

If you’ve floundered with a textbook and especially if you are over 50 you’ll find this approach refreshingly E-A-S-Y.

You can put any false starts behind you right now and speak to learn instead of learning to speak.

The Audio Visual format gets you speaking within minutes. Plus, with Spanish words you’ll recognize en un instante you’ll get rid of any timidez and be filled with confianza.

Yes, if you can recognize instante, timidez y confianza, Shortcut to Spanish will have you speaking Spanish faster than any textbook and all those boring classes.

Plus, for el Día de la Amistad (Valentine’s Day) you also get our brand new Shortcut to Informal Spanish on video.

This course shows you how to speak casually with your friends in social situations.

It multiplies everything you learn in Shortcut to Spanish.

You’ll know exactly how to speak with respect, and you’ll also be able to change your Spanish and speak with warmth and friendliness with your amigos.

This bonus doubles your conversation options. But don’t wait. This special is only good until February 14th at midnight.

Check it out now.


Marcus Santamaria