In Spanish-speaking countries El día de San Valentín is not just for “romance”–it’s also to celebrate friendship. In fact it’s commonly known as…

El Día del Amor y la Amistad (the day of love and friendship)

Did you know you use a different kind of Spanish to talk to a amante o amigo (lover or friend) than you use to talk to a desconocido (stranger)?

Yes, speaking with an amante (lover) or amigo you’ll use informal or intimate Spanish.

But speaking with intimate and informal Spanish with a stranger can sometimes sound contemptuous.

Fortunately once you’ve got the basics down you only need to make small changes to speak both types of Spanish.

Right now you can claim a special package for El Día de San Valentín that will have you speaking both formal and informal Spanish. Check out the link below and get twice the Spanish until Valentine’s Day.

Dos cursos por uno (two courses for one)

This two for one offer is only available until Midnight Feb 14, so check it out now and you’ll be speaking confidently with amigos amantes y amistades (friends, lovers, pals).

You’ll also know how to use the formal Spanish to speak to policías, políticos y pediatras (police, politicians and pediatricians).

I know no one wants to speak to a politician, but if you have to speak to one then formal Spanish is the way to go.

Speak formal and informal Spanish

Feliz día de San Valentine (Happy Valentines Day).